Penny Stock List – List of Penny Stocks

penny stock list - list of penny stocksGet the best penny stock list available on the internet, right here. If you are struggling to trade, or need guidance in your investing, we can help. We give our members the top list of penny stocks to buy, sell and trade.

Know what stocks to buy and sell is as important as the trade itself. Not all penny stocks have the same potential to move 100, 200 or 1,000%. You see, there are many factors at play.

Things such as capital structure, insider holdings, the number of shareholders, shares outstanding, authorized shares, technical analysis, investor sentiment, sector performance and company news are all factors that can influence whether a stock has the potential to move.

Our penny stock list takes into account all these factors. We even scan the internet to see what other stocks the high profile traders are looking to buy or sell.

So if you are searching for the best stocks to buy or sell then look no further. We have the best list of penny stocks hands down.

Once you have identified the top stocks to trade or invest in, you need to trade. It is a well known statistic that 90% of traders fail, so you need to be especially careful. Risk management is the absolute key above all else.

If you don’t have capital in your account, you can’t make profits. If you don’t employ sound risk management, you will lose your equity – fast.

Simple rules such as take manageable positions, be patient, use stop loss orders and don’t be greedy are sound principles to learn first before you try any advanced trading techniques.